1. Antioxidants

Every sachet contains 265mg green tea antioxidants (polyphenols).

Antioxidants are important in the prevention of the cellular damage that can lead to chronic disease.



2. Purity

This instant green tea range is not only grown organically, it is put through a second purification process prior to packing that removes any traces of pollutants, pesticides, and heavy metals from the extract at a molecular level.

* Even organically-grown teas can contain lead contamination as well as pollutants from the environment, these are removed from our extract.



3. Bioavailability

The properties of this green tea extract are more readily absorbed by the body than traditional and matcha green teas on account of the size of the molecules.

So, not only are you getting more antioxidants per sip, but your body is also absorbing a higher percentage of them.



4. Just 2 Ingredients

Green Tea in 3 Seconds contains 90% green tea extract and 10% fruit extract. Nothing else!



5. No Sugars, Sweeteners, Or Calories

Each sachet contains just 0.6g of concentrated extract and contains 0g sugars, no sweeteners, and no calories per serve.


6. It’s The Fastest Tea Around – no brew time, no wait.

3 SECONDS is all that it takes for Green Tea In 3 to infuse in hot or cold water, that’s it. No tea pots, no tea bags, no waiting, no timing. Just pour a sachet into your water, stir/shake and go!


7. It’s very Light and Convenient – take it anywhere!

Green Tea in 3 comes in handy little individual sachets that you can carry anywhere with you. Perfect for your hand bag or your gym bag, carry on the plane, pop one in your car.

Simply tear the end off a sachet, pour your tea extract into your favourite cup, mug, glass or water bottle filed with water, stir/shake and go.


8. It’s Delicious – even for people who don’t like the green tea taste.

Even people who don’t usually like green tea, LOVE Green Tea in 3!

We know that not everyone enjoys the taste of green tea,  and that’s why we have been really careful to create three special fruit blends that are delicate and subtle additions to your water, rather than a strong taste..


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