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Chris, QLD

Being a shift worker and non coffee drinker I was trying to cut out Coke Zero from my diet. Getting tired of plain old water I tried Green Tea in 3. I enjoy all 3 flavours but the blueberry is the best. I have now kicked Coke to the curb and have noticed an increase in health benefits and energy levels. Thanks GTin3 for a healthier me.

Deborah, NSW

I got my first shipment this week and it’s absolutely delicious! And I’m speaking as someone who doesn’t like green tea. All the flavours are good, but my favourite is the Apple.

Desley, Far North QLD

Love my green tea in 3. Make up two one litre bottles each day, freeze one for later. Great in our tropic heat.

Dr Joanna McMillan

What I love about Green Tea in 3 is that it dissolves in hot or cold water in just three seconds. It's full of healthy antioxidants and it tastes delicious, making staying hydrated easy。

Fiona, QLD

Absolutely love this product. Peach and blueberry are my favourite. Fantastic healthy alternative to break up plain old water and cut out soft drink. Since adding into my lifestyle I haven’t been sick after three bouts of tonsillitis back to back. Highly recommend!!

JessMary, QLD

Found in a brilliant store Daylesford and fell in LOVE straight away – went back and bought more then started getting monthly subscriptions & haven’t looked back!

Joanne, Broome

Got my second order today, this should keep me going for awhile! First order almost gone as I am drinking so much more water! Thanks.

Kathy, VIC

Firstly can I just say I’m not a tea girl usually… but I seriously love this stuff. I love drinking a cold GTi3 first thing in the morning sitting in the sun. It’s a quiet, peaceful, healthy start to my day.

Kathy, VIC

OK I can confess that I have experimented with GTi3 with Gin&Tonic!! An apple G&T GTi3 (sounds like a sports car!) is so summery with just a hint of apple!!

Mel, QLD

I had real trouble cutting down on sugary drinks until I found the prefect replacement – Green tea in 3, now I simply pour a sachet into my water bottle and go!

Melissa, WA

I got my sample on Monday it’s now Wednesday and they are gone and I want more tastes so good!

Michelle Bridges 12WBT Blog

It's not a superFOOD that can help you stick to your weight loss plan - it's a superDRINK! ...Make it straight in your water bottle and take it to the gym or work as a fresh alternative to water.

Roe, NSW

Absolutely love them all will definitely be getting them regularly!

Sarah, NSW

We recently were camping on the beach in NSW, waking up and having a moment to myself on the beach in the morning sipping a cold peach GTi3 was beautiful. Such a great start to the day! So refreshing and clean.

Tamara, VIC

For the last few years I have been on a journey to recalibrate my health and Green Tea in 3 is at the top of my daily must have list (with avocado, egg, berries and of course exercise). I didn’t like green tea, until I had this incredible organic tea COLD in my gym water bottle! It tastes amazing, delivers a precise amount of antioxidants and I take the individual sachets everywhere in my pocket (work, gym, aeroplane, overseas)! Stubborn body fat has disappeared, my energy levels are sky high and I believe GTI3 is a big part of my success. I wish everyone could feel this good ! Thank you Green Tea in 3 !

Tess, WA

I’m a dietician and I use Green Tea in 3 as an alternative for my clients who are trying to give up soft drinks. It works a treat!

Tish, QLD

Love the freshness of the tea. As a PT and busy mum of 3 the sachets are perfect for my busy lifestyle and taste great. I love mine mixed on cold water perfect in this warm weather.

Zoe, QLD

Definitely drink a lot more water using Green tea in 3. Mild refreshing hint of flavour and goodness which I love. Fav flavour is Apple.
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