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Green Tea in 3 GLOW



It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dietician, personal trainer, pilates instructor, weight loss consultant, nutritionist, a diabetes educator, beautician, or a person who’s simply passionate about health and disease prevention, we want to work with you!



What Is Green Tea in 3 Seconds?


Green Tea in 3 Seconds is a pure, organic green tea & fruit extract that is loaded with health-boosting antioxidants and can be poured straight into a water bottle or tea cup (Enjoy hot or cold).


It is created to support adequate hydration, boost antioxidants, help people to avoid sugar, and boost metabolism, energy, and overall health and wellbeing.



Green Tea in 3 At Work

Green Tea in 3:


* Just 2 ingredients: 90% Green Tea + 10% Pure Fruit


* Pesticide-free extract for your water bottle


* Exactly 265mg green tea antioxidants /serve


* 0g sugar / no sweeteners / no calories


* Dissolves in hot or cold water in 3 seconds



Green tea itself is the most clinically researched beverage in the world, and there is extensive evidence showing green tea can help in the prevention of obesity, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s Disease, heart disease, and some types of cancer. Visit our BLOG to learn more…


What’s more, we’re not the only ones who think we’re onto something here…







Together, Vanessa and I have around 20 years of experience across a wide range of health care settings from Intensive Care Units right through to Diabetes and Advanced Wound Care Clinics.



During this time we’ve witnessed first hand the devastating effects that poor dietary choices, in particular sugary drinks, can have on a person’s health, and their life. This is why we’ve created a fast, health-boosting alternative to empower people with their own health and wellbeing one sip at a time!


Green Tea in 3 makes an ideal alternative to sugary, flavoured drinks by not only helping people to avoid sugar, but also boosting antioxidants to reduce cell damage and inflammation, and help to prevent disease.






So if you’d like to learn more or REQUEST A FREE SAMPLE, please reach out and connect with us as we’d love to partner with you to bring greater health to more people across the country.

You can also call (or text) Jodie on 0409 039 263.


There are no contracts, no agreements, and no minimum number of purchases per year – we just want the right people to be sharing this product with others who are working on making healthier life choices.


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