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1What exactly is in a serve of Green Tea in 3?
2 Ingredients Only: green tea extract (90%) + fruit extract (10%)
2Why is Green Tea in 3 Seconds good for me?

Every single sachet of Green Tea in 3 contains 265mg of antioxidants (polyphenols).
These antioxidants work in harmony with the 35mg of caffeine per sachet to protect the body’s cells from damage, and prevent inflammation.
It is this combination of green tea components that is linked to improved health and vitality, as well as disease prevention including various cancers, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and so on.

3Is this just another powdered tea (like matcha)?
No it’s not.
Green Tea in 3 Seconds is created using brand-new, high-end tea technology.
It’s different to everything else on the market as it is a crystallised tea powder resulting from low-temperature, vacuum-extraction techniques.
We use the raw materials of well-selected organic tea leaves grown in high mountains, and blend with fruit including apples, blueberries and peaches.
Based on biological cell nano-technology, the beneficial tea substances such as tea polyphenols, tea polysaccharide, L-theanine, and vitamins are extracted and included in the final product.
This amazing technology also allows us to actively remove any harmful components found even in organically-grown tea and fruit including lingering pesticide and heavy metal residues.
This process results in a 100% pure, organic tea and fruit extract with absolutely NO TRACES OF IMPURITIES. This will be the most pure tea you will ever drink.
4How can there be no sugar in it when it contains fruit extract?

Short Answer: Our nutritional panel relates to one sachet (which is 0.6g).
Within this sachet the sugar content is so minimal (0.078g) that it registers as zero.
Long Answer: It’s simple, yet complex! For the 10% fruit component of tea, given the manipulation of molecules we can perform, we de-sugar (here it refers to monose sugar) the fruit first, but keep the polysaccharide (sugar) in the fruit, and then mix it with the tea.
There is also polysaccharide (sugar) in teas, which is to some extent, healthier than monose (sugar). For each sachet of 0.6g, it is just 0.078g of sugar.
This figure is so minimal that is is classed as zero sugar per serve.

5Isn’t nano-technology a bad thing?
Nano-technology simply means working with very, very small molecules.
This can certainly be controversial when we’re talking about artificial substances such as those found in sunscreen, but when it comes to working with pure, natural ingredients such as tea leaves and fruit, it’s a great thing!
The nano-technology used with Green Tea In 3 means that we are able to get down to a molecular level and remove all of the nasties often found even in organically-grown tea.
The smaller particles also mean that the tea can dissolve instantly in cold water, as well as hot, AND it’s more readily absorbed by the body (Green Tea in 3 Seconds has a higher bioavailability that traditional green tea).
6Can Green Tea In 3 be enjoyed hot as well as cold?

Yes, absolutely! Green Tea in 3 Seconds is best enjoyed with between 300-500ml of water, hot or cold, according to preference.
We recommend pouring it straight into your water bottle to add flavour and antioxidants, and encourage more water intake.

7How much caffeine is contained in each serve?
Approximately 35mg, the same as an average cup of green tea.
*Remember the caffeine is an important component when combined with the antioxidants to boost the thermogenic process.
8Is it safe to enjoy during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
As Green Tea In 3 is 100% natural, and only contains 37.5mg caffeine per sachet, it is safe unless the individual has a sensitivity or intolerance to caffeine.
(Recommended caffeine <200mg per day during pregnancy)
9How much green tea is in each sachet?
The equivalent of 5 grams of green tea and 5 grams of fruit.
10How many antioxidants are in each sachet?

One of the absolute best things about Green Tea In 3 Seconds is that we know EXACTLY how many antioxidants are contained in each sachet. Claims like “50 cups of green tea per sachet” are inaccurate and misleading, and frankly cannot be clinically supported.
Here is a detailed overview of the exact amount of antioxidants in each sachet of Green Tea in 3 Seconds:

11Is it certified organic?
The tea plantation we source the green tea through is certified organic through EcoCert. We ourselves are not, as we don’t actually grow/produce/handle the leaves. The fruit in the tea is not certified organic, however through the process of bio-extraction, any heavy metals and pesticides are removed from the fruit, effectively leaving it ‘more organic than organic’.
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